Miniature Maileg Cooking Set - Charming mini kitchen tools for imaginative play
Miniature Maileg Cooking Set - Petite cooking essentials for whimsical dollhouse scenes
Miniature Maileg Cooking Set - Tiny culinary delights for dollhouse adventures

Maileg Cooking Set, Miniature

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Playful stove box opens up to reveal everything you need to cook a perfect imaginary dinner. The set includes a pot, pan, strainer, and utensils. Tip: the inside of the box can be placed next to the stovetop to act as a kitchen counter in Maileg Castles/Gingerbread homes. Ideal for adding to your Maileg cooking set collection for immersive playtime adventures.

Item number  11-0112-00
Height : 3,15 in
Washing instruction: SURFACE WASH