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The Aloha Board

A vehicle for extraordinary adventures

Olli Ella

Toys for nomads, homebodies and small folk


A magical world of storybook whimsy and charm

Olli Ella

Olli Ella was founded by two sisters, Chloe and Olivia.

Born in London in 2010 as a kid's décor brand, Olli Ella has grown to become a global lifestyle brand.

Olli Ella pieces are easily identified by their vintage-aesthetic, simple lines, and use of natural materials.

Our Story

With a combined 10+ years retail experience, it’s safe to say that fashion has always been a passion of ours. Growing up, we were constantly turning our living room into a “store” and making our mom be our customer.

Love Letters

"You have been my favorite small shop for years now. Thank you for allowing my kids to have the best of the best."


"It has always been apparent that you put your heart & soul into every part of your business."


"Thank you for the great customer service and quality products. You made our Christmas so much more special."