About Oat Children

Oat Children is the home for everyday, minimalistic children’s wear.

Designed in Bend, Oregon by mothers. We believe that less is more with clothing that pairs easily and can be worn day after day. We aim to create capsule pieces and inspire sustainable wardrobes that truly give happiness and never fail to serve their purpose.

Playing, learning, and growing is our children’s most important task!  That’s why we strive for a  “Live  Wash  Repeat”  lifestyle. Choosing materials that don’t stain easily, hold up in the wash, and last through the adventures of everyday life. 

Oat Children came to life through our passion of simple living. We knew that we wanted clothing that lasts, expresses our minimalistic nature, and allows our children to be children, making them comfortable no matter what the day holds.

We know that what we dress our children in matters.