How to Start Your Maileg Collection

How to Start Your Maileg Collection

If you've just discovered the magical and eclectic world of Maileg, you may be asking yourself, "Where do I begin?"

We've created this guide to help you get started!

In general, remember that part of the charm and whimsy of Maileg is mixing and matching products. There are no limits to your imagination!


Mice are the ambassadors of Maileg and are perfect for every age group! Most mice live in a box, which make them perfect to take on a play date or vacation. You can find our selection of Maileg mice and their friends here.

Bunnies & Rabbits

Bunnies and Rabbits are special to the Maileg World and have been through many redesigns over the years. Remember that Ears up = Rabbit and Ears down = bunny.

Soft Toys

These cute beloved friends can accompany babies and smaller children from day one and support them through every challenge. The Maileg Soft Toy Collection includes animals from the entire kingdom, from Noah's art to rattles and safari friends. 


Once you've chosen your friends, it's time to find them somewhere to live!

Traditionally, most dollhouses run on a 1:12 scale. Maileg runs a bit oversized, but recently launched a line of smaller Mouse-Size furniture that works best in traditional 1:12 dollhouses. 

You can find our collection of smaller furniture and accessories here. This collection is also perfect for the Maileg Mouse Hole Farmhouse or the Royal Castle!

For a larger 1:6 scale dollhouse and plenty of room for your Maileg collection to grow, we recommend the Maileg House of Miniature Dollhouse and bonus rooms for further expansion. You can shop our collection of larger furniture and accessories here.

Make sure to check out our YouTube Sizing Guide for visuals and comparisons!


"My" size suits the smallest Maileg friends, including My Girl and My Boy rabbits and the Sleepy Wakey Mice.

"Micro" size suits most other small mice including Mum & Dad and Siblings.

"Miniature" is appropriate for Mum & Dad, as well as small size 1 and 2 bunnies.

The new line of "Mouse" size furniture is appropriate for single mice.

If you want a specific size, make sure to check the dimensions in each individual listing, or reach out to us for help. 

Remember to collect and curate however you please. Have fun mixing and matching and creating inspired, eclectic spaces for your new friends!


Jenna & Raquel

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