Unique Toy - Holdie Samson the Strongman in Multi for imaginative play.
 Holdie Samson the Strongman - Unique toy Multi-colored
Collectible Holdie Samson the Strongman in  unique toy vibrant colors.
Multi-colored - Holdie Samson the Strongman for unique toy kids' rooms.
Unique Toy Handcrafted Holdie Samson the Strongman - Multi.
Strongman Holdie Samson in Multi for unique toy  decoration.
Playful Holdie Samson the Strongman in multiple colors unique toy.
Unique Holdie Samson the Strongman - Multi for unique toy  collections.
Charming Holdie Samson the Strongman in Multi colors unique toy.
Multi-colored Holdie Samson the Strongman for unique toy and creative.

Holdie Samson the Strongman - Multi

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Why You’ll Love It:

Meet Samson the Strongman, the gentle giant of the Holdie™ Circus! With biceps that rival mountains and a heart as strong as his grip, Samson is the muscle-bound marvel that steals the spotlight in every performance. Samson’s motto is: lift heavy, laugh often, and always lend a helping hand! Each Holdie Folk is posable and comes dressed in a removable outfit, perfect for imaginative play. These tiny folk are handmade, making each one unique and special. Samson the Strongman is a special edition, rare, and unique toy – a must-have for any kids circus toys collection. Collect all of the Holdie Circus Folk to create your very own magical circus world!


· Samson the Strongman has bulging biceps and is carrying a dumbbell

· Material includes cotton fabric, elastic, wool, embroidery thread, and polyfill.

· Internal frame allows for each Holdie Folk to be fully posable

· All clothing is removable and made from cotton and polyester.

· All Holdie Folk are handmade, so some variation may occur.

· Come packaged in collectable box

· Supervision is recommended at all times. Give treasured toys the attention they deserve with regular check-ups for well-loved wear & tear. Always adhere to SIDS safe sleeping guidelines.

· Age recommendation: 3+


· Samson the Strongman has bulging biceps is carrying fixed dumbells, he is wearing a fully removable striped posing trunks and has an embroidered moustache.


· Dimensions Packaged: L 1.6 x W 2.5x H 5.2 - Inches

· Dimensions Doll: L 2 x W 2.9 x H 5.1 - Inches

· Weight: 0.13 Lbs


· Designed in Australia, manufactured in China.


• Cold gentle hand wash • Do not bleach, soak or rub • Dry without delay • Do not tumble dry • Do not iron • Do not dry clean


Q: Does Samson have any articulated joints for posing?

A: Holdie folk are made with a pliable metal skeleton so the arms and legs are posable

Q: Is Samson part of a larger collection of Holdie dolls

A: Yes, we have a collection of 4 circus themed Holdie Folk as well as a set of Holdie Circus Animals and circus themed rattan.

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