Female Doll - Tatiana (brown eyes)
Female Doll - Tatiana (brown eyes)
Female Doll - Tatiana (brown eyes)
Female Doll - Tatiana (brown eyes)

Female Doll - Tatiana (brown eyes)

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    • Vanilla Scented
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair is styled down with an elastic headband
    • Materials: Soft PVC - 100% free of phthalates
    • Made in Spain
    • 13" long
    • Linen dust bag included (not pictured)
    • Comes with a 2 piece white cotton underwear set (as pictured)

    The doll features movable arms, legs, and head and can be put in a standing and sitting position. They have large eloquent eyes and thick eyelashes made from safe transparent plastic. Please note the eyes do not close.

    Paola Reina dolls are handmade (eyelashes, freckles, cheeks, lips) making them look extremely natural and life-like. Role-playing with a doll stimulates the development of visual thinking, imagination and speech.

    Dating back to the company's founding in 1870 and to this day, Paola Reina designs and handcrafts high quality dolls and accessories in their workshop located in Alicante, Spain.

    At Paola Reina we have been working for decades to bring hope to children all over the world. This path has allowed us to imagine, to dream and to innovate. To innovate in our process of manufacture, in the design and in the improvement of the quality of our products. We currently offer one of the most extensive and varied doll catalogs in the world, ranging from classic collectible dolls to modern dolls, dolls with mechanisms and educational babies. This variety has allowed us to position our products at the display windows in more than twenty countries. A great effort that is compensated every time a girl or boy plays with one of our dolls.