Dinosaurs in Love

Dinosaurs in Love

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From three-year-old Fenn Rosenthal comes a sweet and deceptively simple story about love, longing, and loss, based on the viral, heart-melting song "Dinosaurs in Love".

Dinosaurs eat people, dinosaurs have a party, dinosaurs eat fruit and cucumber, but dinosaurs didn't say goodbye! When Tom and Fenn Rosenthal posted their original song, "Dinosaurs in Love", it became an instant classic. Just as Fenn's dinosaurs fell in love, so did the world.

Now readers of all ages can enjoy Fenn's heartfelt, poignant lyrics again and again in this irresistible, sing-aloud picture book, featuring charming illustrations from Hannah Jacobs (animator of the viral music video) and bonus material.

Praise for "Dinosaurs in Love":

"[This song is] breaking everyone's hearts." -- Buzzfeed News

"A surprise hit. Honestly, we were not prepared to be devastated by this song." -- The Today Show"

'Dinosaurs in Love' [leaves] adults reaching for tissues across the globe." -- People"Giving us all the feels." -- BBC News

"[...] tapping into the universal experience of longing and loss in a few simple phrases." -- Rolling Stone

"Why am I crying?!" -- Popsugar


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