Maileg Miniature Mirror

Maileg Miniature Mirror

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A beautiful golden mirror that fits just perfectly in the Maileg Bathroom & Dollhouse.

Item number  11-0302-00
Height : 3,94 in
Washing instruction: SURFACE WASH
Material: FSC WOOD

In a busy world of bright lights, bells and whistles, where new stories are continually impressed upon us… Maileg is a world in which matchboxes can be beds for mice; princesses make perfect teatime companions; and adventures can be found on a friendly forest walk. It is a world where cats and mice are friends. Ours is a world of childhood imagination - and this is a world we value.

Maileg (pronounced My’lye) is a brand of charming Danish-designed toys created to inspire our children’s favorite playtime stories. By bringing storybook whimsy to everyday moments, Maileg toys help children explore the pure and simple wonder of imagination. Beloved for their heartwarming personalities, Maileg toys show playfulness and charm in every last detail. Theirs is a timeless world filled with beautiful accessories and settings to be collected, cherished and shared with friends and family for generations.

Important Shipping Note

Maileg is committed to acting responsibly regarding environmental stewardship. It is important to reduce the use and the demand for virgin polyester fibers. Maileg uses 100% recycled polyester in an effort to support this reduction.

Going forward Maileg Inc will not market, sell, or distribute in Pennsylvania or Ohio. These states require the use of All New Materials in stuffed toys. All retailers in PA and OH must stop sales of all Maileg product. All retailers must stop shipping Maileg product to PA and OH. 

If you've just discovered the magical and eclectic world of Maileg, you may be asking yourself, "Where do I begin?" We've created this guide to help you get started!

In general, remember that part of the charm and whimsy of Maileg is mixing and matching products. There are no limits to your imagination! Once you've chosen your friends, it's time to find them somewhere to live!

Traditionally, most dollhouses run on a 1:12 scale. Maileg runs a bit oversized closer to a 1:6 scale, but recently launched a line of smaller furniture that works best in traditional 1:12 dollhouses. 

Make sure to check out our YouTube Sizing Guide for visuals and comparisons! As always, please email us at with any questions.

Sizing Glossary

"My" size suits the smallest Maileg friends, including My Girl and My Boy rabbits and the Sleepy Wakey Mice.

"Micro" size suits most other small mice including Mum & Dad and Siblings.

"Miniature" is appropriate for Mum & Dad, as well as small size 1 and 2 bunnies.

The new line of "Mouse" size furniture is appropriate for single mice.

If you want a specific size, make sure to check the dimensions in each individual listing, or reach out to us for help

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